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Dom Omladine

Jazz Belgrade day 2: The drive of James Brandon Lewis

30.10.2015. Although Jelena Jovovic collected some great artists on stage and showed what we already know; she has a great voice, and the upstairs sessions in the Amerika Room gave space to new modern free jazz, it was the James Brandon Lewis Trio that stole the show.

The James Brandon Lewis Trio played with so much passion and fire; there was no escaping there music. The struggling of black people in the USA, the still existing racism, all stuff that influence his trio. And of course the influence of the music on the streets like hip-hop. Inside the music; gospel, funk and a lot of free jazz, but always with an enormous pace. Some moments had a little bit too much repeating of sounds, but most of the concert was exciting. We will see these guys again, mark my words…

A few photos on tonight;


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“local” heroes opened Jazz Belgrade 2015

Belgrade, 29.10.2015

With 3 concerts in the main venue Dom Omladine, the Belgrade Jazz fest 2015 has started. Although the official opening will take place tonight with for example James Brandon Lewis (USA), this pre-opening was a good way to get acquainted with the Serbian Jazz Scene.

All 3 concerts were different. Hashima was more free jazz and conceptual with much improvisation while Naked had more Balkan influences and their music brought a small uptempo party to the scene. The last concert of Vladimir Kostadinov and his quartet was more classical jazz with nice compositions and good pianoplay. Entertaining evening of good quality jazzmusic.

Jazz Belgrade off to a good start!

25.10.2014. Although there were press conferences and a short show on wednesday, the official start of Jazz Belgrade 2014 for the audience was yesterday in Belgrade’s Dom Omladine the Youth Center organizing and hosting the festival so many years. Last night brought of course speeches and a look back but it also had the opening concert.

The opening speeches of the director of Dom Omladine and some former festival directors  were greatly supported by a slideshow of great moments throughout the 30 years of Jazz Belgrade. Like unique photos and videos of Miles Davis in Belgrade.

Ok. Enough history. This years edition started with a show of the Max Kochetov Quartet, a Serbian Ukraine Quartet lead by  Max Kochetov an excellent saxophone player.

Modern jazz, good vibes and an excellent young bass player. Lots of improvisations. Good start.



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Was the first concert seated with a full hall, the next concert was without seats and even more people entered the Danilo Perez concert. Nobody could get in or out. In some moments it looked like a popconcert. For me it was distracting since the quiet intermezzos in the music need a quiet place to listen and feel the music coming to you instead of trying to get a normal place to listen. But considering the concert of the Danilo Perez trio it is possible to say a few things. There was the incredible vibe of Brian Blade behind the drums, always pushing the band to a higher level. But as a whole the group sometimes seemed to be playing hasty and Perez was hitting the pianokeys hard and less subtile as he can do. It seemed as if how more people were in the room, the more the musicians turned into themselves, making less contact. I heard them playing better.


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But the following artist finally made this evening a succes. In the different room upstairs there was the concert of Nils Petter Molvaer and Laurens von Oswald. In this seated room the quality of listening was back and the music was interesting. Molvaer is always trying to get new sounds, to create atmospheres by mixing normal instruments like his trumpet with computer created sounds. But always with a rhythm that shows a direction though never being dull. The combination with “soundmachine” Von Oswald is a good one, since Molvaer has more time to give attention to his interesting trumpet sounds.


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More to come about Jazz Belgrade..

images and text: Maurits van Hout



Vijay Iyer gave a great final to Jazz Belgrade!

29.10.2013. It’s done! Jazz Belgrade came to an end. With a great last performance Vijay Iyer made the Dom Omladine explode. What a great final that was! Before there was an excellent performance of piano player Julio Resende and Fado sensation Maria Joao. a complete review and more photo’s of all shows will follow soon. For now some images of the last night. Thanks Jazz Belgrade for 5 days of excellent music and a great atmosphere!

Jazz Belgrade last photos

Jazz Belgrade has finished but fortunately we still have the photos. Here are the latest photos. In a few days a complete review of the festival can be found at Femuz.nl

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More Jazz Belgrade

Some more pics from Jazz Belgrade….. more to come….

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Jazz Belgrado is great !

The first photos from Jazz Belgrado… More to come…

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