24.11.2013. Sometimes in this amazing world of music you encounter great stories. Like the four guys from New York who played in a club in New York and met the CEO of Tommy Hilfiger who was so enthousiastic about them that he asked them to come and play in Amsterdam. Since they never visited Europe before as a band it came with a small European tour as well. The Boston Boys, playing together for just 2 years, came to the Peoples Place in Amsterdam and rocked the place. It is hard to hang a label on them since their music is influenced by many styles. One moment I considered myself listening to Paul Simon while closing my eyes, the other moment it seemed to be a show of the Waterboys. R&B, country music and even jazz music came along with them. It gave the show a nice dynamic but of course sometimes the thought came up where would it go from here? But since the energy they put on stage was endlessly (catapulted by singer songwriter Robertson who rocked the place with his mandoline) who cares?

I really appreciated “Pigeon (do what u can do)” since the violin fitted in so well. Same goes for “Amelia”. All songs had a great built up like “Satisfied” with a “hard-rocking” end. And the blues song “Sad and drunk” took the listeners to the other more difficult side of life. The Boston Boys never dull, with a great spirit and nice atmosphere on stage. If you might have the chance to see them, don’t hesitate.

seen: 21.11.2013

Peoples Place Amsterdam

The Boston Boys

Eric Robertson- Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals

Duncan Wickel- Fiddle, Vocals

Josh Hari- Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Nicholas Falk- Drums, Percussion, Vocals