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oktober 29, 2013

Vijay Iyer gave a great final to Jazz Belgrade!

29.10.2013. It’s done! Jazz Belgrade came to an end. With a great last performance Vijay Iyer made the Dom Omladine explode. What a great final that was! Before there was an excellent performance of piano player Julio Resende and Fado sensation Maria Joao. a complete review and more photo’s of all shows will follow soon. For now some images of the last night. Thanks Jazz Belgrade for 5 days of excellent music and a great atmosphere!

In Memoriam: Lou Reed

29 october 2013. 2 days ago Lou Reed passed away. Although he gained worldfame by the Velvet Underground and hits like “Walk on the wild side” and “Perfect day”, he also was experimenting in jazzmusic. Together with his friend John Zorn and his wife Laurie Anderson he performed live at the Jazz Middelheim Festival in Antwerp 2009. It was a night to remember. Despite the fact that photographers had only a few minutes and there were many restrictions, like only shooting from the side of the stage far away, I was fortunate to be able to shoot him and listen to this concert.

May he rest in peace.

Lou Reed live at Jazz Middelheim 2009. copyright mauritsvanhout
Lou Reed live at Jazz Middelheim 2009. copyright mauritsvanhout

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